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Intellectual property

Intellectual property is global but protection is territorial. We have a highly qualified local work team and an excellent network of foreign correspondents with whom we form alliances in different countries and jurisdictions to guarantee that the quality of our service is excellent regardless of where we represent your IP.

Our litigation practice allows us to evaluate contingencies and design the protection strategy from another angle. For all this we develop the following services:

Trademarks and Commercial Designations

  • Background searches and feasibility study of registration through the own and updated system of trademark searches by phonemes, by words and by identity, which in an agile and immediate way analyzes the possibilities of success of the selected distinctive sign.
  • Registration procedure in Argentina and worldwide. 
  • Custody and monitoring of the registration application process (answering of hearings, defense of oppositions and obtaining the trademark title).
  • Custody and surveillance of the brand throughout its validity and of new third-party applications. (WATCHING SERVICE)
  • Filing and defense of oppositions to new third-party trademark applications.
  • License agreements. Authorizations for the use of trademarks and other contractual figures that involve trademark rights.
  • Registration of trademark transfers and transfers of rights 
  • Legal audits. (DUE DILIGENCE)
  • Legal and / or administrative legal actions. Claims for infractions.

Invention Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Models and Designs

  • Feasibility study and examination on the patentability of products and procedures, registrations of utility models and deposits of models and industrial designs.
  • Adequacy for filings with the patent and industrial model office of the National Institute of Industrial Property.
  • Administration, control and payment of annuity maturities.
  • Legal actions and claims for infractions.


  • Advice and strategic analysis of protection through copyright.
  • Presentation and adaptation of the deposit request before the National Directorate of Copyright for scientific, literary, artistic and software works.
  • License agreements and other contractual figures involving copyrights, software, image and entertainment rights.
  • Legal audits. (DUE DILIGENCE)
  • Legal and / or administrative legal actions. 


  • Claims for infractions.

Domain names and Internet

  • Advice and professional assistance in the legal aspect of the domain name and the Internet.
  • Conflicts related to the assignment and use of domain names. Legal protection of websites.
  • Contracts for outsourcing services, alliances, locations of works and services, licenses for works and intellectual rights.