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Since 1946, commitment to the client.

Study Profile

Established in Argentina in 1946.

The Study was founded by Drs. Ricardo Gordó Fornés and Ricardo Gordó Sola, continuing their trajectory Ricardo V. Gordó Llobell and Rosa Llobell Ahuir de Gordó Sola.

Currently, and following the generational layout, the fourth generation consisting of Drs. Ricardo M. Gordó Llobell (h) and Maria Gabriela Gordó Llobell.

The Industrial and Intellectual Property area and the specific topics of the Sanitary Regulation, constituted the predominant interest of the Study from its beginnings that remain as a specialty of the firm.

Throughout its years, the Firm maintains the same characteristic inherited from its founders, the commitment to the client.

Gordó Llobell y Asociados preserves that commitment by providing a personalized quality service at the level of the highest professional demands.


Our vision 

Our experience in issues related to trademarks, patents and copyrights and others that make up the universe of Intellectual Property (IP) supports us against entrepreneurs and companies that work in the construction and development of their intangible assets with a future vision.

The fact of considering ourselves an IP laboratory and analyzing the subject with a microscope, makes us evaluate each situation with the utmost care and forces us to analyze and consider even the least important.

We are not just another IP firm, that is why we chose to focus on being a PI laboratory with an in-depth look at the case.

The same criteria has been taken for the development of the area of ​​regulatory affairs, transforming a management agency into a consultancy.


Our mission

We work to be a strategic partner of the client and that can capitalize all the benefits derived from his project to the furthest possible limits.

We are dedicated to intellectual property and regulatory consulting and will never stop looking for amazing ways to protect and safeguard your intangible assets to make each of our clients more successful.

We will verify that we are the best partner that your company can have for your needs in PI and AA.RR.


Our experience

We are one of the leading IP firms in Argentina established in 1946

Everything we do is based on protecting and shielding your company so that your project grows safely and expands in a global global market.

We know that this business is intensely innovative and that research and development
Well-protected (R&D) is the basis for growth.

Dr. Ricardo Gordó Fornés. Founder